About Us


Jinglesmart is an idea that has been developed by Alex Jamieson, Carl Michael Bleif and JP González, coming to life in 2012 to play an important role in the Jingle and Music Industries, and in the professional lives of musicians everywhere. 

Jinglesmart has been created to help Jingle Writers and Music Talents to promote their businesses, using an online platform that enables them to quickly upload their professional information, have their own website with Jinglesmart, and get in touch with potential clients that may be anywhere in the world.

Companies, agencies or individuals will be able to look for Jingle Writers or any Music Professional they may need for their projects (Session Musicians, Sound Designers, Vocalists, Lyricists, etc) or post a Jingle Job or Music Project and expect quotes and auditions from Talents, that may literally be anywhere.

We love music and we are also great online marketing and business professionals. It is known that Jingles can be a huge part of a good publicity strategy, we want to help new Jingle Talents and Freelance Musicians get exposure online, and want to make these services available and easy to reach for anyone that needs to spice up their product, service or company with great music.



JS Doodle

I'm Alex Jamieson, Co-Founder of Jinglesmart. From an early age, I've had a strong passion for technology and music as they have provided me with means of creating art and the chance to share it with those around me. As a drummer, I have had the opportunity throughout the years to perform and record music with different number of musicians around the world. I can positively say that a dream for many is to be able to make a living from music; this is where the marriage of technology and art come into play, in a place like Jinglesmart. JS Alex

Alex Jamieson
Australian Market

My name is Carl Michael Bleif Co-founder of Jinglesmart and taking care of the European market. Previously to Jinglesmart, I launched a couple of websites focusing on affiliate marketing and social media marketing in Germany. I got in contact with JP and Alex during my studies in Sydney Australia. Early we found out that we have entrepreneurial genes and the right drive to develop a web project. Combining all our experiences we took the decision to start with Jinglesmart. That was really a challenge for us as we are living in 3 different countries but if we have a look at the result we are so proud to see Jinglesmart online. We hope you will enjoy it. JS Carl

Carl Michael Bleif
European Market

Hello, my name is JP Gonzalez, business professional, amateur musician and Co-founder of Jinglesmart. I have acquired a good deal of experience working with online and offline companies mainly focusing in commercial and marketing aspects. All of my online experience has taken place in the US market, but after having the opportunity to study abroad (Sydney, Australia) I was able to broaden my expectations; that is why I believe that Jinglesmart is a great venture where it will be easy to combine my professional knowledge with my love for music. And hopefully it will help you do the same.


JP Gonzalez
American Market