JINGLE WRITER SEEKERS - What are Individual Auditions and Open Auditions?

Individual Auditions: Auditions in which a Client invites a Jingle Writer directly to a specific project. You can use the search tool on the site to look for a specific type of talent, visit their profile on the site and from there, and invite them to send you an audition for your project.
You may invite individually as many talents as you want for any particular project, but if you are looking for several auditions to choose from, we highly recommend the next option.

Open Auditions: Auditions where Clients post a project on the site; here you will select the style of music, market (Local, State, National, etc.) and more importantly, the skills that you are looking for in talents you want to receive auditions from.
This way you will receive many responses from one single posting, and from the Jinglesmart you can start communicating with any talent or talents you like.

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